Is my organization or business eligible for IDA assistance?
The IDA was created to help businesses and organizations retain and increase jobs in Westchester County. The following businesses, organizations or projects are eligible:

  • Existing Westchester firms that need to expand or modernize their
    facilities, or add new employees.
  • New construction projects involving the building of commercial space or rentable residential space, including affordable housing and
    senior/senior care facilities.
  • Firms that are considering relocation out of New York State.
  • Developers of affordable housing.
  • Certain health and senior-related facility developers or operators.

Are retail projects eligible?
Not usually. The firm must not be considered a retail operation, legal practice or type of business that directly serves the public. New York State General Municipal Law (Article 18A) specifically forbids the usage of IDA benefits for retail projects in most cases. However, in situations where the retail project is located in a distressed census tract or adjacent to a distressed census tract, or is incidential to the project it is possible for the IDA to undertake a retail project.

Can I get benefits for an earlier project or lease I’ve already signed?
No. The Agency must be able to show that, without benefits, the project would not have occurred in Westchester. Furthermore, no leases can be signed prior to an IDA inducement resolution.

Are small businesses eligible?
Yes. Many benefits have gone to firms with fewer than 25 employees. Westchester County-based businesses with an income of less than $20 million a year that plan to spend $100,000 to $1,000,000 may be eligible if the benefits will help the company improve its competitiveness, remain in the county, create new jobs, or retain existing jobs.

Do you think you're eligible? Complete and submit the online IDA Project Worksheet. A representative of the IDA will contact you after it has been reviewed.

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