Thank you for your interest in Westchester County’s Launch1000 program. Westchester County is providing this program in response to the significant economic disruption we have seen in 2020, with the goal of enabling 1,000 Westchester residents to start a business or develop an income stream for themselves and their families.

Launch1000 is an online, self-paced program teaching you to evaluate your idea, test it with potential customers, and see if it seems likely to succeed. Your results will depend on your own motivation and your own hard work. As you progress through the program, additional resources such as mentorship, valuable introductions, and even grants, will be made available.


Phase 1 | Me, My Idea, and Why Am I Doing This?

Phase 2 | Will Customers Want This?

Phase 3 | Testing My Idea

Phase 4 | Finding Clients, Users, Donors Before Launch

Phase 5 | How Will Everything Get Done? Planning Business Operations

Phase 6 | Creating Raving Fans: Planning Sales and Marketing

Phase 7 | Show Me The Money: Planning the Financial Model


The self-paced program can be completed in 20 to 24 weeks. Participants who have been working on an idea for some time, may find they move faster. Those who are just beginning their journey may find it takes them longer to evaluate their idea and move it forward. More details can be found on the FAQ document.

The program requires access to a tablet or laptop, and stable WiFi. If you do not have access to these, the County can help. Please note your needs on the application. All County residents are eligible to apply.

Still have questions? Email with Launch1000 in the subject line.

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