Ivin Huggin

Founder, CutNet LLC

He’s Launched: An Introduction to Ivin Huggan’s Concierge Mobile Haircutting Venture

As a participant in the Launch1000 program, Ivin worked to transform CutNet LLC from a concept to a reality. Driven to develop an on-demand haircutting service run via an app to life, Ivin used Launch1000 to hone his service delivery model.

“My initial idea was to develop an Uber-like app for personal grooming services,” Ivin said. “While I executed my initial idea through Launch1000, the program helped me to develop a new, stronger business plan.”

Ivin recently welcomed his first client and has quickly built a database of stylists with varying specialties. Here are a few highlights from his journey to launch:

Biggest Breakthrough or A-Ha Moment:
“The process of forming my service was surprising. My business concept is the same idea I had before entering the program, but the business model is really different.”

Top Takeaway from Launch1000:
“My top takeaway from working in Launch 1000 was being able to have the resources provided to you that the average entrepreneur who is starting to start their own venture and not having the access to the resources or the proper coaching to lead them into the right path.”

Highlights Since Launching:
“A celebrity hair stylist was among the first 10 stylists to join CutNet LLC and I have already scaled my presence beyond Westchester.”

Now that Ivin has completed Launch1000, he is focusing on growing his network of stylists to 100. You can keep up with what’s happening at CutNet LLC on LinkedIn.

Ivin Huggin