Carol Ward

Founder, Outside the Lines Consulting

Crossing the Finish Line: Carol Ward First Launcher to Complete Program

As a participant in the Launch1000 program, Carol worked to bring her vision to provide real world, affordable business planning and solutions to emerging artists to life. Carol’s new business, Outside the Lines Consulting, helps artists to increase their income and gain more opportunities to show their work in dynamic and diverse environments.

“I decided to focus on my idea now because it felt like artists, more than ever, need an advocate for them. I want to assist them by using my twenty years of curatorial, strategic planning, project management and overall creative thinking to get their work not only seen, but sold,” Ward said.

On July 2nd, Carol became the first participant to complete the Launch1000 program. Here are a few highlights from her journey to launch.

Biggest Breakthrough or A-Ha Moment:
“My biggest breakthrough was realizing that I could expand my consulting opportunities to include project management in the arts sector, and beyond. Working with local towns, Chambers of Commerce and businesses to bring arts experiences to Westchester.”

Top Takeaway from Launch1000:
“First and foremost is to believe in yourself . . . and along with that always be open to feedback that will allow you to think about your ideas in different ways. Also, creating an amazing network of people to brainstorm with and have as a support system through the good and bad times.”

Highlights Since Launching:
“Getting to meet coaches, experts and peers who have helped me become better as a person and entrepreneur. I coordinated an Arts Stroll in Larchmont that led to being asked to become a member of the Board of Directors for the Chamber itself. And developing and implementing a summer long artist market in partnership with Ridge Hill in Yonkers.”

Now that Carol has completed Launch1000, she is focusing on growing her client base of artists by completing her website and doing some extra marketing online. Carol is also working on some proposals for project management, which she hopes will be accepted for the remainder of 2021.

You can keep up with what’s happening at Outside the Lines Consulting on Facebook and Instagram.

Carol Ward