Please note that these events are not all hosted or sponsored by the Westchester County Office of Economic Development. This page is updated each Friday for the following week. We recommend reaching directly out to the event organizers for any questions.

Upcoming Events


Prep for Holiday Rush
11:00 AM
The holiday season of 2020 is upon us. Are you ready to use this opportunity to turn 2020 around? Is your business poised to take full advantage? Join Constant Contact for a special webinar event to help your business "Prep For The Holiday Rush" as we go over the "5 Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas." Let's get your holiday business season off to the right start. Register Today!!
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Set and Reach Your Career Goals
3:00 PM
It's not always easy to develop and shape your own career. The good news is there are plenty of actionable steps to take charge of your career and reach your goals. In this session, you'll learn how to set goals that align with your vision, then identify sacrifices and actions you’ll need to make to achieve them as well as the strengths and weaknesses that will affect your journey.
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20 Tips for LinkedIn Social Selling Success
10:00 AM
Social Selling is leveraging the power of social platforms in order to find and connect with leads, build relationships and ultimately generate sales. For B2B businesses, marketers or other professionals, the most effective platform to reach prospects is LinkedIn. In this webinar from Constant Contact, you will learn 20 tips for helping you have social selling success on LinkedIn.  At the end of the webinar, you can get your questions answered during a live Q&A session.
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Year-End Tax Planning for Your Business
1:00 PM
In this free webinar from SCORE attorney and prolific author Barbara Weltman will discuss which tax breaks apply to you and how to nail them down now before times runs out. In this webinar you'll learn: Year-end actions to reduce your 2020 tax bill, refund opportunities to recoup taxes paid in prior years, strategies for potential tax changes to come, and necessary actions to get ready for 2021.
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Get Your Local Business on Google Search and Maps
11:00 AM
Learn about Google My Business, a free tool for local businesses who want to connect with customers on Google Search and Maps. Get hands-on help creating or updating your business profile or a simple website. In this webinar from Consant Contact, you'll learn how to take advantage of and implement a good Google My Business Entry.
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Re-Strategize Your Business Planning to Prevail the Pandemic
1:00 PM
Join this webinar from SCORE, presented by seasoned business educator George Slook, and learn how to re-strategize your business planning to maintain an adequate level of cash on hand, and get suppliers and vendors to make their payments when due.
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Maximize Your Financials with Excel
6:00 PM
In this free, three-hour, webinar from WEDC you'll learn how to use Excel to gain insights into your business.You'll learn how to create your own budget/forecasts, top 10 formulas for businesses, understanding pivot tables, and more. You'll increase your comfort with Excel.
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Ace Your Next Job Interview
1:00 PM
Learn practical tips and strategies to help you go into interviews feeling confident and ready to shine. This workshop will show you how to prepare, practice, and be present at interviews for any new job.
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Best Practices for Developing Your Personal Brand and Building Relationshiships on Social Media
12:00 PM
This webinar from WEDC will help you develop your personal brand, define your content strategy, and build lasting relationships online. Christopher, Pagli, personal branding and productivity coach, will lead this workshop and provide you with tips for making your personal brand a strong one.
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Navigating Your Small Business Through Financial Uncertainty
1:00 PM
The economic environment in 2020 has caused many unexpected challenges for the small business community as they navigate through times of financial uncertainty. Many business owners are facing decisions around cutting expenses, adjusting business models and finding new sources of revenue. Join financial expert from U.S. Bank, Morris Jackson as he discusses these topics with Deluxe’s Amanda Brinkman in this free webinar from SCORE.
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Applying for the Westchester County Business FIRST Grant Program

Is your small business or nonprofit seeking immediate financial assistance due to COVID-19? Westchester County Business FIRST is a grant program for small businesses and nonprofits offering up to $49,000 for organizations with 99 or fewer employees and have a primary location in Westchester County. Join us to learn more about eligibility and how to apply. The webinar will be followed by a 30-minute Q&A period.
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Password: Grant2020

Westchester County Bioscience Showcase
"Opportunity favors the prepared”, and “serendipity is everything in science”.  Westchester County is proud to have been able to respond effectively during Covid due to its role as a national leader in the bioscience field - a field with ever growing importance in the wake of Covid-19. County Executive Latimer hosted a live discussion with five of the leading local bioscience companies, for a discussion about how they grew, adapted and collaborated rapidly with great success. Hear directly from them how they played a role during the COVID-19 crisis and what they anticipate in the future.
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From Anxiety to Effective Decision-Making: Practices to Help Business Owners During These Stressful Times

Joyce Schroeder, MS, President of Flourishing Culture Consultants, LLC, and Jackie Frederick Berne led workshop that created the space for participants to acknowledge their fears and learn practices that can be applied in their own businesses. The workshop provided practices, tips, and a decision-making model that can help business owners put their anxious thoughts on pause.
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Six Small Things Small Business Owners Must Do Now
Jeff Loehr of Rosenberg Chesnov presented this webinar for small business owners on strategizing in these uncertain times, and what they can be doing right now to help their businesses. Things are changing all the time, and the key to adapting successfully is to use the three principles of triage: Stop the Bleeding, Diagnose the Problem, Begin the Cure.
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Small Business Survival Guide
Cliff Ennico presented this fast-paced webinar to offer keys to surviving the crisis and getting back on track as quickly as possible once the “all clear” sounds. This workshop focused on strategic planning and opportunities to respond.
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Password: JpAPusU8

Survive...then Thrive
Hudson Valley Venture presented this Collaboration Huddle about how to make sure your business doesn't just survive these challenging times, but also thrives.
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eCommerce workshop
Learn how to add ecommerce capabilities to your website so your customers can buy from you even if they can’t visit your physical business location right now.  Presented by Jann Marchidani, of Westchester Marketing Café, this webinar covered how to add gift cards/gift certificates to your website, along with other eCommerce capabilities.
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Facebook Live with County Executive George Latimer and Director of Economic Development, Bridget Gibbons
In continuance of his video discussions with various leaders throughout Westchester, County Executive George Latimer hosted a Facebook Live conversation with the County’s Director of Economic Development Bridget Gibbons. They discussed the County's efforts to assist businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
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