Erica Christ

Founder, FMR Well

Launch1000 Helps Port Chester Entrepreneur Scale and Disaster-Proof Her Business

Fitness and nutrition expert Erica Christ entered the Launch1000 program looking to revisit her pre-pandemic plans of developing outpatient nutrition plans for orthopedic surgery patients. Having provided outpatient nutrition services at a local hospital for more than 20-years, Erica planned to apply her first-hand experience to meet the needs of a surgeon who approached her about the concept shortly before COVID hit Westchester.

Through Launch1000, Erica was able to hone her initial plan, make refinements and ultimately develop an app that would allow her to scale her existing business. She even found a way to maintain the personable, tailored approach to supporting clients that she is know for at her brick-and-mortar Pilates studio and bring that personalized service to clients who are using the app.

Biggest Breakthrough or A-Ha Moment:
“I went into the program thinking about developing nutrition plans for orthopedic surgery patients as a separate initiative. When I realized I could accomplish this by developing an app, which would allow me to scale and disaster-proof my existing business rather than creating something separate, I knew I was on the right path.”

Top Takeaway from Launch1000:
“Launch1000 helped me rethink the way I was going to approach this project. Before Launch1000, I hadn’t considered an app. I ended up with a stronger product because of this program.”

Highlights Since Finishing the Launch1000 Program:
“I’m in the process of beta testing the Pilates portion of my app now and will soon move on to testing the nutrition components. I just sent out a teaser to my clients and look forward to providing personalized guidance to clients via the app when I can’t see them in-person.”

You can learn more about Erica’s app by visiting