image of 2018 economic development guideIn its ongoing efforts to promote economic development and highlight why Westchester County is the smart place for businesses, the county has released its 2019 economic development guide.

The 58-page guide, entitled “Our Westchester,” outlines the County’s key strengths while showcasing existing businesses -- everything from Fortune 500 companies and global brands to technology startups and small businesses -- that are growing and thriving. The guide includes case studies, statistics, resources and information on key industry sectors, such as biotech, healthcare, finance, aviation, real estate, retail and restaurants, among others.

Westchester County has a talented workforce, affordable office space, great towns, parks and urban centers, and are easily accessible to New York City and the tristate area. My Westchester is a great resource and provides important information and insight into why Westchester is the ‘smart’ place to start, grow and expand a business.

Westchester County is home to approximately 34,000 businesses and its residents are among the most educated in the country: in fact, 47 percent of residents over the age of 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Other highlights in the guide are the top five reasons why leaders choose to do business in Westchester County, notably:

  • Westchester has top notch schools and universities;
  • Westchester is ideally situated just minutes from Manhattan and the tristate region;
  • Westchester is revitalizing and transforming its urban centers and downtown hubs with modern and convenient transit oriented development;
  • Westchester offers a balanced lifestyle with rustic charm, expansive green space and exciting cultural, dining and recreational opportunities;

Westchester has the tools to help businesses thrive -- including Westchester County’s Office of Economic Development, Industrial Development Agency (IDC), Local Development Corporation (LDC), The Business Council of Westchester and Westchester County Association.

The economic development guide includes insight, profiles and testimonials from executives from Regeneron, Heineken USA, IBM, Danone, MasterCard, PepsiCo and others. The guides contain a wealth of information for business executives, as well as residents, who want to keep up with real estate, transportation and demographic trends in the county.

“The Business Council of Westchester is proud to publish on behalf of the County Office of Economic Development this year’s Economic Development Guide. Whether you’re a major corporation or a new start-up business, this guide provides valuable and insightful information about the many benefits of doing business in Westchester,” said Marsha Gordon, president and CEO of The Business Council of Westchester.

The guide was developed by Today Media in collaboration with the Westchester County Office of Economic Development and The Business Council of Westchester. Advertising sales paid for the production and there is no cost to County taxpayers.